PhD Candidate in American Studies

About Ida


About ida

Ida Yalzadeh is a PhD Candidate in the Department of American Studies at Brown University.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Ida studies the Iranian diaspora in the context of histories of race and US empire. Her work seeks to understand the relationship and tensions between racialization, multiculturalism, queerness, and Orientalism in the 20th and 21st centuries through visual and expressive culture. Her dissertation, tentatively titled "Solidarities and Solitude: Tracing the Iranian Diaspora," examines Iranian American subject formation from the Cold War era to the present.

Outside of her work, she enjoys listening to podcasts, roasting vegetables, and getting lost in cities.

about the blog

The blog serves as a space to work through thoughts on research, pedagogy, and current politics and culture having to do with Ida's academic interests.

For more information on its purpose, please read the post, On "Consenting to Learn in Public".